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umberto falchini

mberto Falchini was born in Livorno, Tuscany, in 1953 and since child   shows a precocious attitude   to paint and   a sincere   interest in visiting   exhibitions organized   in his town.
During youth he learns in different Italian museums and visit Paris too.
He attended the “Accademia delle Belle Arti” in Florence.

In 1975   starts a new research up for   a new figurative   theme “I Sedianti” (“The Sitting People”), which will be shown in Livorno at Galleria Elefante as his first one-man exhibition in 1983 presented by Professor Michele Feo, one of the most important Petrarca’s studiouses.

The following year, the exhibition “I Sedianti” moved to Milan, at Galleria Accademia, presented by the critic Nicola Micieli.

In 1987 he was asked to illustrate a volume of unpublished Petrarchan scripts discovered by Professor Feo in the town of Ghota in Germany.

In 1990 Falchini presents a new thematic picture “Le Stanze” (“The Rooms”) showed in a one-man exhibition in Castelfiorentino in 1992.

In 1993, the art critic Piercarlo Santini, art Director of Ragghianti Center in Lucca, sees some of the etchings and “puntasecca” engravings and desides to include them in the 3rd edition of the National Biennial Engraving “A. Martini” in Oderzo.

In two following years Falchini took part in a wide ranging exhibition programme, an idea conceived by the Florentine writer Marcello Vannucci, which was hosted in the “Palazzo Vecchio 2″ Gallery in Florence.

In 1997, the Piedmont art critic Aldo Spinardi hosted one of Falchini’s one-man exhibition in the “San Pietro” Gallery in Asti.

In 2000, with the birth of the artistic movement “Arte Sentimentale” with the artists Amedeo Lanci, Luciano Scarpante, Gunther Wolf and Guido del Fungo, Umberto Falchini reaches his new pictorical expression.
This artistic movement will be shown, on October 4th, in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio and presented by Professor Tommaso Paloscia and journalist Alberto Severi.
On March, 11th, 2001 this movement shows its first exhibition in Florence “Riva Sinistra” during the which was presented the volume “Arte Sentimentale” written by Alberto Severi.

Further in the years the movement will exhibite in Italy, Germany and expecially in China, where Falchini show his new theme “I Filosofi”.

Falchini continued his solo exhibitions in Italy. In June 2009 he exhibited two of his paintings at the great exhibition, on this occasion dedicated to 20th century Italian Art in the Carlo Pepi collection, held in the stable halls of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

The last one-man exhibition has been on July, 2019, at “inVilla” Gallery in Rosignano Solvay where the same presented the new theme “I Filosofi Sedianti”.
The movement Arte Sentimentale shows in May, 2019, in Ferrara the exhibition “San Giorgio e l’Arte Sentimentale”.

Together with Giulio Boschi, musician composer and double-bass player of Livorno, lives up a performance “Rapsody in Music and Painting”, a moment where music living composed and played,   inspires Umberto Falchini to paint living images in perfect synchrony with musical times where nothing is pre-constituted:     music arises the painting in a short, intense time.
This first exhibition happened in Concert Room of Popular University of Rosignano Solvay on March 2014, short time after in Florence by Studio Ottone Rosai and other ones in Vada and Livorno.

Various national newspapers have dealt with his pictorial research.


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