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umberto falchini

mberto Falchini was born in Livorno (Tuscany) in 1953.
He attended the “Accademia delle Belle Arti” in Florence and has travelled to several European cities to further his studies. For the past few years he has lived and worked in Rosignano Solvay, a small town on the Livorno coast.

His first one-man exhibition, “sedianti” (“the sitting people”) was held in 1983 in his home town and was presented by Professor Michele Feo. The following year the exhibition moved to Milan and was presented by the critic Nicola. Micieli. Since then he has exhibited at several solo and collective exhibitions in various Italian cities.

In 1987 he was asked to illustrate a volume of unpublished Petrarchan scripts discovered by Professor Feo in the town of Gotha in Germany. In 1993 the art critic Pier Carlo Santini saw some of the etchings and “puntasecca” engravings and decided to include them in the 3rd edition of the National Biennial Engraving “A.Martini” in Oderzo.

Between 1993 and 1995, Falchini took part in a wide ranging exhibition programme, an idea conceived by the Florentine writer MarcelloVannucci, which was hosted in the “Palazzo Vecchio 2” Gallery in Florence.

In 1997, the Piedmont art critic Aldo Spinardi hosted one of Falchini’s one-man exhibitions in the San Pietro Gallery in Asti. During the cultural initiative “Sotto i Lecci di Banzi” by Michele Feo in 2000, Edizioni B &V of Pontedera, published one of his paintings. In the same year he joined the artistic movement “Arte Sentimentale” shown in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio and presented by Professor Tommaso Paloscia and the journalist Alberto Severi. Falchini will subsequently show his paintings in all the exhibitions where this movement is represented.

From 2000 on, Falchini continued his solo exhibitions in Tuscany. In June 2009 he exhibited one of his paintings at the great exhibition, on this occasion dedicated to 20th century Italian Art in the Carlo Pepi collection, held in the stable halls of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

A large number of art critics have written about Falchini’s artistic life and there have been many articles about his work in various national newspapers.

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